About Lalita

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Lalita (formerly known as Lauryn) is a director, writer and overall creative. She believes that if people knew who you really were, they’d actually love you. In the past, she’s disrupted the publishing industry with Seth Godin at The Domino Project creating 6 best-sellers. She’s been featured in TEDxTraverseCity, Body of Work: Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together, Mashable, Comedy Bar, Fast Company and the best-selling book End Malaria. Her second book, #thetruth, is set to come out in Winter 2019. Lalita currently lives between NYC and Paris with her dog, Luna.  


In the past, Lalita has worked with leaders including Seth Godin, Lyft, Jonathan Fields and many others. Her clients are smart, unconventional leaders and organizations who want to communicate the truth of who they are in creative ways, online. They have a big mission and are actively looking to grow their impact for the long-term. They desire self-starting, big-picture leaders to help them discover their authentic message and take it (and their business) to the next level. Curious to learn more? Send me a message and let's talk. 


The truth
Communicating Complex Ideas
Intelligent/Sustainable Growth
Creative Direction
Branding + Storytelling
Creative Writing