Hello! I’m Lalita Ballesteros (formerly known as Lauryn), and I founded Haus of Lala, a boutique branding consultancy, to help companies and individuals like you discover the truth of who they are and playfully create their tribe of 1 million people. We write books, make career transitions and more than anything, we get to the root of expressing who you truly are.

I’m also the creator of #TruthSessions, a 1:1 method to discover their truest self and find the perfect words to communicate their value. We completed over 44+ session in 2018 all around the world!

You can be yourself and be succesful.

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For the last 8 years, I’ve worked in branding, partnerships and authentic growth. I’ve worked with smart people like Seth Godin, Lyft, and the US State Department in Rome, Italy. I’ve sold over $250k in sponsorships in 4 months with 0 sales experience at The Domino Project while, together, creating 6 best-sellers. I’ve also grown my travel-friendly business living between North America, Central America and Europe. Oh and I speak 4 languages!

I’ve been a speaker at TEDxTraverseCity, TEDxAsylumHill and featured in Mashable, Fast Company, Body of Work: Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together, the best-selling book End Malaria & more. I currently live in between Paris and NYC with my dog Luna.