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Ready to use your gifts, wisely?

Book Your #TruthSession, today.Over 44+ sessions completed in 2018.

This is my personal process to reinvent myself, launch a global business, work with NYT Bestselling author Seth Godin and travel/work in Paris, NYC, Rome and Toronto.


You have a story to tell. It’s time to set it free.

Haus of Lala is a boutique, personal branding consultancy focused on helping coaches, healers, and entrepreneurs successfully be their best and freest self.

I specialize in helping you successfully leap into new industries, identities, and markets through powerful storytelling and magic. More than that, I see you on a deep level.

Specifically, I help you...

  • Discover who you truly are (44+ #TruthSessions in 2018).

  • Share the best version of you on the internet.

  • Launch your new brand and website.

  • Write copy that feels and sounds like the real you.

  • Transform yourself professionally and step into new industries with ease.

  • Create beautiful, custom brand identities that highlight your genius in creative and fun ways.

  • Grow your social media following, value of services and media presence.

  • Be at peace sharing your greatest gifts with the world. I know it can be scary to lead authentically.


My clients have fun.
def. Fresh, playful, unconventional and honest.


Success is when the world rewards your bravery, authenticity and service.

Over the last 7 years, I’ve helped 100's of leaders authentically re-brand themselves.
We have:

  • Created the #TruthSession Method (over 44+ sessions completed in 2018).

  • Launched a cheeky, comedy-driven brand for a million-dollar coaching practice. This helped Ilan and Guy raise the value of their new service offerings by +2900%.

  • Created custom copy for an e-commerce site that was 100% pure poetry, capturing the feel of initial Chinese text. Xun was able bring the essence of the Chinese version into the English market.

  • Clients have been featured in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, HuffPo, and top podcasts. Many are established leaders in their fields and through our work, reached their next level in business.

  • You can find my teachings on the likes of TEDx, Etsy, Forbes, Positively Positive, and Comedy Bar Toronto. My work has been seen by millions of people around the world.

Looking to make a business leap and not sure how to tell your story? Let’s talk!


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"Couldn't of shown up this way without you. You are crazy talented. Going through this process with you...I really need to figure out how to put into words what you did here!! Like insane. Just wanted to let you know that!!"

— rachel pess0 | ART DIRECTOR & DESIGNER


"Lalita has the uncanny ability to bring out your creative side - whether you think you have one or not. What I love about her is that while you're working with her, you're not even realizing the tremendous progress you're making until the very end when you see the finished product and literally gasp. She doesn't create for you, she makes it so that she's creating WITH you. You'll be surprised at what she helps you find within yourself. Definitely recommend her and her work."

-PAMELA rosario | nyc attorney & founder of ‘the spot’ podcast


"I quit my job, got promoted to Recreation Director and I now earn $20,000 more a year. I’ve paid off one of my credit cards and will have paid off all my student loan debts by the end of next year. Emotionally, physically, I feel so much better. My relationship with my husband is better. My family is an important part of who I am. I did this all in 2 months.

— Andrilisa Read Iglesias-Lopes, | Recreation Director, NYC


"Just had a mind/heart/spirit altering session with Lalita Ballesteros about my book. She. Is. Special." 



“Lalita is an innovative thinker who forces you to look at the world and yourself in a completely different way. By working with her, you get a clearer sense of your unique value proposition, an urgency to make it known, and road-map of how to get there.”

-Sehreen Noor Ali | VP of Business Development, Kaplan

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“Lalita is truly an expert in the branding space. She's a great teacher and has a knack for tuning in to exactly what her clients need in order for them to take the best action for their brand and life! She is generous, kind and extremely bright. While she will push you to do your best work, she's never overbearing and always delivers value beyond your expectations. If you're serious about taking your brand to the next level then you need to make the investment in yourself and work with Lalita.”




Hello! I’m Lalita Ballesteros (formerly known as Lauryn), and I founded Haus of Lala, a boutique branding consultancy, to help companies and individuals like you discover the truth of who they are and playfully create their tribe of 1 million people. We write books, make career transitions and more than anything, we get to the root of expressing who you truly are.

I’m also the creator of #TruthSessions, a 1:1 method to discover their truest self and find the perfect words to communicate their value. We completed over 44+ session in 2018 all around the world!

You can be yourself and be succesful.

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For the last 8 years, I’ve worked in branding, partnerships and authentic growth. I’ve worked with smart people like Seth Godin, Lyft, and the US State Department in Rome, Italy. I’ve sold over $250k in sponsorships in 4 months with 0 sales experience at The Domino Project while, together, creating 6 best-sellers. I’ve also grown my travel-friendly business living between North America, Central America and Europe. Oh and I speak 4 languages!

I’ve been a speaker at TEDxTraverseCity, TEDxAsylumHill and featured in Mashable, Fast Company, Body of Work: Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together, the best-selling book End Malaria & more. I currently live in between Paris and NYC with my dog Luna.


Want to book me 1:1?

Discover who you really are, reinvent yourself in a bold way and find the perfect words to communicate your value.


“As a result, I quit my job, got promoted to Recreation Director at a beautiful assisted living community and I now earn $20,000 more a year. I’ve paid off one of my credit cards and will have paid off all my student loan debts by the end of next year.” 

— Andrilisa Read Iglesias-Lopes, Recreation Director, NYC


Ready to use your gifts, wisely?

Get #TruthSessions — the process I used to launch a global business, work with NYT Bestselling author Seth Godin and travel/work in Paris, NYC, and Toronto.